Let’s talk about woodworking for beginners. A lot of people get scared by woodworking projects because they think they don’t have the skills, or need lots of expensive tools. In reality there are a few basic tools that are perfect for beginners. We’re gonna give you the rundown on our top woodworking tools. We’re also sharing our best tips on how to get these tools for less.

Woodworking for Beginners Tips & Tools | Upcycle That

Cordless drill

In woodworking for beginners, most DIY projects require holes to be drilled and screws to be tightened. Therefore the first tool a beginner upcycler should get is a cordless drill. Cordless drills are fairly inexpensive and are super functional. Trust us when we say your cordless drill will become your best friend.

Best Woodworking Tools for Beginner Upcyclers

Power sander

If you’re working on small jobs a palm or hand sander is the cheapest option. This is essentially a block that you attach sandpaper to. If you’re working on a large piece like a chest of drawers it’s time to invest in a power sander. Hand sanding speed is 100-200 strokes per minute but a power sander can do thousands of strokes per minute! There are a few types of power sanders out there. For woodworking for beginners we recommend an orbital sander. These are versatile; great at quickly sanding large areas and also doing detail work.

Wipe-on stains and chalkboard paint

A good paint job is what takes your woodworking project to the next level! This is also where things can get complicated. Painting furniture is a skill and visible brush strokes can look super messy. A paint sprayer will help you get an even finish but can be quite expensive. Our woodworking for beginners solution? Wipe on stains and chalk paint! These are both great alternatives that can save you so much time and money. Wipe on stains could not be easier; just cut up some old t-shirts for rags and wipe away until you get the finish you want. When it comes to the shabby chic distressed look, chalk paint is tops! The best part of chalk paint is you don’t need to sand or prime, just paint it right on and rough it up with sandpaper to complete the look.

Woodworking for Beginners - Chalk Paint

Tips for finding beginner woodworking tools for less

Wanting to shop smarter for your tools? Here’s our pro tip for finding top tool brands for up to 70% off retail. It’s called BLINQ.com. Did you know that every year in the US, 4 billion pounds of returned goods and excess inventory ends up in landfills?! BLINQ prevents those items from being thrown away and the savings are killer!

BLINQ inspects each item before it’s listed on the website, ensuring products are in good condition. They also plant a tree for every order placed – a nice #ShopGreenLiveGreen touch.

There’s some sweet cordless drills up on the site at the moment. These RYOBI 12-volt cordless and RYOBI 18-volt drills are both under $50!

For more info on BLINQ check out their customer reviews.

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  1. is it possible to get plans for the pallet garden potting table ?

  2. Shoot, I thought the “woodworking for beginners” would be an actual tutorial on working with wood so I could do some crafts that require some knowledge. Like crafting a box, working with tools, instructional stuff. I LOVE this site though and following it on FB as well. Wish you had a forum !

  3. I was really hoping that this would be an actual tutorial as I am starting my own website on upcycling and need some information. Although this website did not help with this, it has been very helpful in the past. Would recommend to others.
    But please add some tutorials.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Izzy, we have listened and are working on some tutorials! Stay tuned 🙂


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