Do you have a wire box that looks like this one? Chances are if you’ve ever put a couple of wires in a box and so much as turned around, then you have. What is it about wires that is so innately messy? While we may not have the answer to that, we sure know how to tackle wire box organization using a clever upcycled solution.

wire box organization

The solution to wire box organization is a great upcycle because it uses something we all have at home: toilet paper rolls. If you’re one of those people who saves up their rolls and isn’t sure why, now you know.

This is a super simple upcycle and will definitely come in handy next time you need to find that rouge 3 pronged UK camera cable.

How to organize your wire box

wire box organizationThe method for wire box organization is easy, take your wire, wrap or loop it up and then stuff it in a toilet paper roll. Besides untangling your current mess of wires, the part that takes the longest is collecting paper rolls to work with. As good upcycling practice goes, it’s best to collect these as you go along.

wire box organizationOnce you’ve gathered the necessary supplies, start separating your wires out and folding them into neat bunches. You want to make sure that your wires are bunched small enough to fit inside the paper roll opening, but large enough so that they fit snugly and stay with their new paper roll confines.


wire box organizationFor smaller wires you may want to cut down some larger paper rolls to size. You can use an exacto knife for this.

That’s it, now repack your wire  box in a way that shows off where everything is at a glance. And you’re done!


organized wire box

14 Thoughts on Wire Box Organization

  1. What a wonderful idea. I would need to add a label to each roll so I remembered which wire cable belonged to which appliance/electronic device.

  2. Crackign idea, must try this, thanks

  3. simple, easy and my next to-do.

  4. Fabulous idea! I have taken the liberty of posting this on Facebook – – an online community to spread eco-awareness. Trust this is fine with you.

    • Thank you the little green page, we just liked you and shared one of your Facebook posts 🙂

  5. Good idea with no extra cost

  6. I’ve been doing this for some time now and I also write the length of the wire on the tube. 6ft, 8 ft and such.

  7. Can’t wait for the next roll to get over! May be I’ll wrap the roll with some old gift wrap.

  8. Great idea but best thing I ever did was label wires either with sticky labels wrapped around or if has a plug attached with a label on that. Saves hours trying out different plugs.

    • Hi Pennie, great idea. Would work here as well by writing on the side of the toilet roll. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  10. Hi! To design the toilet paper rolls, you can put washi tapoes on them. 🙂


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