Going on holiday and worried about your plants dying? Fret no further. The wine bottle watering system is a brilliant lo-fi fix. All you need for this slow drip solution is an empty wine bottle, flat-backed marbles and some wire. Voila!

Source and further instructions: Lettuce Share

7 Thoughts on Wine Bottle Watering

  1. So, how does it work! Nice picture, but what to do with the marbles and wire??

    • Hi Debbie, It’s all about positioning with this one. The wire helps position the bottle in your plant pot, the marbles regulate the flow. This one takes a bit of trial and error but does work šŸ™‚

  2. I looked at this very quickly because it looks to great! But there do not seem to be any instructions on how to put it all together……….. I will try though!

    • Hi Colleen, Use the wire to prop the bottle upright. The marble help to regulate the drip speed. Good luck, be sure to let us know how it goes!

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  5. Funktioniert sehr gut. Ich fĆ¼lle die Flaschen 1:1 mit Wasser und Brennesseljauche. So erhalten die Pflanzen sogar noch eine dosierte DĆ¼ngung!


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