We love these gorgeous planters upcycled from wine bottles.

Carefully remove the top of the bottles, sand your edges down and then plant them up!

Source: Amanda Parker on Etsy

4 Thoughts on Wine Bottle Planters

  1. Love this.

  2. Love it too – but not sure how the careful removal of the tops is supposed to work – can anyone give some more instructions here?

    • There are a couple of ways ranging from using a glass cutter, tile cutter, dremel tool and even using Acetone – nail polish remover and string. Will try and get a post up with some links but in the mean time a google search should give you a bunch of options.

  3. That`s super cool, I will try to make these planters, if I would manage to cut on the other direction we would get even wider and cooler planters, thank a lot for inspiration!


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