Valentines day is just around the corner. Our favourite part of the holiday is all the awesome Valentines crafts! We like to express our love in an upcycled way, there’s no need to buy a present. Here’s a round up of our favourite Valentines craft ideas.

Valentines Craft Ideas

Mason Jar Candy Holders

These mason jar candy holders are a super sweet Valentines craft idea. They’re really easy to make: cut out a paper heart, stick it to the jar and spray paint around it. Allow the paint to dry and then pull the heart away, revealing the lovely heart-shaped window. Add embellishments with fabric scraps or homemade gift tags.

Valentines craft ideas

Source: The 36th Avenue

Map Treat Bags

In the hierarchy of Valentines craft ideas, these map treat bags are top tier! Reuse your old holiday maps and cut them into hearts. Sew them almost all the way closed and then stuff treats inside. Add a cute ‘Pull me’ label and then sew the heart fully shut.

Valentines Craft Ideas

Source: Pillar Box Blue

Book Page Treat Bags

Another cool option for this Valentines craft uses old book pages instead of maps!

Valentines craft ideas

Source: The ReFab Diaries

DIY Heart Stamps

It wouldn’t be a proper roundup of Valentines craft ideas without options for cards. We love making homemade Valentine’s cards! Our DIY heart stamps are made out of wine corks and are really cute and easy to make. For another homemade card idea, we’re also big fans of cutting up hearts from old magazines and creating Valentines day collage cards.

Valentines Day Crafts

Source: Upcycle That

Candy Box Jewel Box

This candy box jewelry box is so cool! It’s a great Valentines Day craft for reusing candy boxes, you know, in case you receive one. The first step is to eat all of the chocolates inside. Then, fill the box with your jewelry and sparkly bits and bobs. Repurposing at its finest!

Upcycled craft ideas

Source: Very Merry Vintage Style

Upcycled Globe

For an awesome Valentines craft decor idea, upcycle a globe! Paint a vintage globe with chalkboard paint and decorate it for the holiday. This is an easy piece to update seasonally when Valentines is over. Simply wipe and redecorate, lovely!

Valentines day crafts

Source: Driven By Decor

We love how many awesome Valentines craft ideas there are! Which of these Valentines craft ideas is your favourite?

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