In the world of interior design, upcycled furniture is taking the industry by storm. The movement we are talking about is the rise in popularity of upcycled furniture, which is a fantastic way to give old pieces of furniture a new lease of life and promote a sustainable future. Below, we will go through some of the best ways you can create upcycled furniture to enhance the interior of your apartment.

Creating Upcycled Furniture with Color

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One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into old pieces of furniture is to add some color to them. You can do this with all different types of furniture, but it is especially transformative for wardrobes and chests of drawers. Try using a neutral color for the outside and then opt for a more vibrant, pop of color on the inside that makes it exciting when you open it.

Upcycling furniture with paint is extremely affordable and completely transforms an old piece of furniture. It has become popular in places with big thrifting and upcycling cultures, like Seattle, Houston, and New York City. Upcycling your furniture will make your space look right at home in your trendy city — whether you’re staying in one of the many rooms for rent Seattle, sharing a house in Houston, or traipsing up the stairs of a cute and cosy walkup in NYC.

Modernise a Dated Sideboard

Sideboards have become increasingly popular. However, if you want to make it something that stands out, you can use a bold color that expresses your personality. It is important not to rush the decision when choosing the color you want to use and to take your time while painting. If you don’t, you may end up with a piece of furniture that looks shabby instead of chic and waste a perfectly good sideboard.

Transform Your Dining Table with Upcycled Furniture

The dining table is the centerpiece of a room where people congregate to share a meal and each other’s company. For a focal piece like this, it’s important that the dining table matches the overall aesthetic of the room. If you have an old dining table that looks like it could use some revamping, then you are in luck. A traditional wooden dining table is the perfect piece of furniture to transform into something that fits a more modern aesthetic. A fantastic way to achieve this is by painting the table’s legs a different color to the top, which helps create an eye-catching contrast. This will help the dining table stand out in the room and turn a piece of upcycled furniture into a work of art.

Give a Charity Shop Piece a New Lease on Life

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If you don’t have old pieces of furniture to transform into something unique and interesting, then check out your local charity/thrift shop. Charity shops often have hidden gems on sale for an excellent price. This will allow you to experiment with different styles without breaking the bank. It is also more sustainable as you are repurposing old pieces of furniture that others have given away. If you want to start with something easy, try to find something like an old stool, or a small chest of drawers.

Creating Upcycled Furniture with Stencils

Another method of transforming upcycled furniture is by using stencils to enhance the piece. This is one of the best ways to really show off your creative side and design something that complements the rest of the room. There are plenty of designs on Pinterest that you can use to draw inspiration and create something unique and special to you. We love this stenciled dresser by Mrs. Jones!

upcycled furniture

Construct a Table From Salvaged Scaffolding

If you want to add a piece of furniture that will draw attention to your room, then build a table using salvaged scaffolding. Not only are you recycling materials that will otherwise be thrown away, but you are also creating a useful piece of furniture that people will use daily. The finished product gives an industrial vibe, which works well in flats with wooden floors and brick walls.

upcycled furniture Source: Wood Create


So there we have it; now you know about the power of upcycling furniture to transform your flat. Hopefully, you now have the confidence and inspiration to create your own special pieces of upcycled furniture. 

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