By upcycling fabric scraps, we can reduce our footprints to save the planet. Read along as we discuss a list of 6 fabulous ideas for upcycling fabric scraps that you can do yourself. Gather up any colorful remnants, dust off your sewing machine, and let’s get ready to sew!

Upcycling Fabric Scraps into Scrunchies

We can never find scrunchies when we need them. So it’s a great idea to make unique and colorful scrunchies with leftover fabric scraps! Use a scrap fabric that measures approximately 18 inches in length and 4 inches in width, in addition to an 8 inch by 0.25 inch piece of elastic. Any type of fabric will work, but soft and smooth satin satin fabrics are the best for protecting your hair.

upcycling fabric scraps

Sleep Masks

Sleep well knowing that you repurposed fabric waste. Use two small 10 inch by 4 inch fabric scraps, some filler material, and a piece of elastic, to sew your own sleep mask. Whether you are at home or on the go, sleep masks are great for blocking light, and creating a calming atmosphere. Any material can be used, but soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic cotton is our fav. Just because you’re asleep doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. Show off your own custom sleep mask next time you are snoozing.

Drawstring Bags

Save your treasures by sewing a protective and stylish drawstring bag. Drawstring pouches are practical and can be a stylish way to stash coins, jewelry, earbuds, or board game pieces. Any type of fabric can be used to make these bags and it totally depends on how you wish to use it. If you want a stylish way to store your items, maybe try a shiny or patterned fabric, while if you are looking to protect the items you could opt for a more durable material like denim or water-resistant outdoor fabric.

To make: measure the items that you want to store and ensure that you have two pieces of fabric that can encase the items, in addition to cording for opening and closing the bag. Whatever material you choose, nothing matches the satisfying feeling of accomplishment when you pull out your own handmade pouch.

Fabric Flowers

Harness flower power by making your own fabric flower arrangement. You only need a small amount of fabric, and the possibilities of what you can do are limitless. Become a nature nurturer and upcycle your unused fabric by making flower pins, long-lasting flower arrangements, floral brooches, and more. For crafting sheer and delicate flowers, textiles like chiffon, organza, or burlap fabric are best. You can also try experimenting with bold floral patterns or stick to subtle pastels for a more understated look. Instantly upgrade your apparel or décor with homemade, upcycled fabric flowers!

Handkerchiefs & Bandannas

Next time you have fabric remnants, consider upcycling them into a stylish and practical handkerchief or bandanna. All you need to make this accessory is a 22-inch square piece of fabric – no sewing is required, however, you can hem the edges for a more finished look. There are sew many uses for handkerchiefs and bandannas, besides tying your hair and wiping your face, this accessory can be used for polishing shoes, signaling for attention, creating a makeshift mask, and making an emergency tourniquet.

Use any type of fabric scraps to make handkerchiefs and bandannas. For a playful twist, choose a colorful or brightly patterned fabric that stands out from your outfit, or choose a more neutral color for discreetness. Why throw out your excess fabric, when you can craft an accessory with a limitless amount of potential.

Upcycling Fabric Scraps Conclusion

Whether it’s unwanted clothing or remnants of sewing materials, everyone has fabric scraps laying about. With only a few materials, you too can upcycle fabric scraps to make something fabulous. Remember, the goal here is not just to reduce waste but to have a blast while doing it. So, grab your scissors and get upcycling!

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  3. Thank you for the Upcycling fabric in 5 ways. This is really outstanding details to use different fabric to create something,useful instead of going in the landfill. Wonderful article 👏


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