Upcycling Bottles into Useful Home Items can help save money. Glass and plastic bottles that would otherwise head to the recycling bin or trash can be transformed into delightful home goods with just a little creativity.

Make a Piggy Bank from a Glass Bottle

upcycled piggy bank Source: Duke and Duchesses

Turning an empty glass bottle into a charming piggy bank provides a perfect way to save spare change. For this project, you’ll need a glass bottle with a narrow neck, acrylic paint, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and a paintbrush. Start by cleaning and painting the bottle pink. Add pig features with black and white paint. Glue on googly eyes to finish the face. Make a slit in the bottle cap to insert coins into your upcycled bank. Customize your piggy bank with a bow, flower, or name tag for extra flair.

Transform Plastic Bottles into Storage Containers

Plastic bottles are ideal for upcycling into storage containers thanks to their durability and screw-top lids. Remove labels and wash bottles, then customize with duct tape, paint, or ribbon. Label your upcycled containers to hold office supplies, art items, workshop materials, and more. Get creative with making themed sets to help organize and declutter your home.

Upcycling Bottles into Beautiful Vases

Turn empty glass bottles into gorgeous painted vases. Add flair by wrapping paper, fabric, or ribbon around the neck. Display flowers in your upcycled vases to add a colorful home decor touch. The painting and wrapping options are endless, so customize bottles to match any decor style. Consider printing on glass to add patterned designs or monograms for a personalized touch.

bottle vases Source: Martha Stewart

Make Unique Lanterns from Upcycled Bottles

Upcycle empty clear glass bottles into beautiful lanterns. Remove labels, clean bottles, paint if desired, and decorate the neck with paper or fabric. Place a tealight candle inside to make the bottle glow. Group or hang the lanterns for ambiance. Try dangling them from string lights or placing them along a garden path for a magical atmosphere.

Turn Mason Jars into Vases

Reuse empty mason jars by turning them into rustic vases. Clean thoroughly and decorate with lace, burlap, or raffia by gluing around the rim. Paint or use decals to personalize the jar. Fill with flowers or greenery to display. Upcycling mason jars into vases provides inexpensive home decor.

Build a Bottle Brick Pathway

upcycling bottles into a pathway Source: Cottage Life

Construct a unique garden path or edging with upcycled bottle bricks. Cut the bottoms off glass bottles and fill them partway with sand and water to weigh them down. Arrange bottles lengthwise and dig a trench to hold them in place. Bottle brick pathways add whimsical flair to gardens. Involve the whole family in building your bottle brick walkway in this weekend project.

Upcycling Bottles to Create a Chic Bottle Windchime

Make a soothing wind chime from recycled glass bottles. Punch a hole near the bottle top and string the fishing line through each aligned hole. Tie string ends to a hanger and add optional beads for visual interest. Display outside to create peaceful sounds. Let the bottles clang together in the breeze to add a unique personality to your outdoor space.

Upcycling Bottles into Candles

Upcycle empty glass bottles into pretty decorative candles. Clean thoroughly and ensure the bottleneck is wide enough for a candle wick. Insert a wick top with wax and essential oils for fragrance. Add sand or beads for weight. Display alone or group together for ambiance indoors or out.

Craft a Bottle Bird Feeder

Entice feathered friends with a DIY bottle bird feeder. Clean and dry a plastic bottle, then make holes for perches using an awl or screwdriver. Add a hanger. Fill with birdseed and hang outdoors where birds can easily perch and reach the seed. Watching the birds enjoy your upcycled feeder is relaxing.


With creativity and simple materials, empty bottles can be upcycled into useful home goods like banks, storage, vases, lanterns, pathways, and wind chimes. Upcycling reduces waste and saves money. Let bottle craft projects inspire innovative ways to repurpose recyclables around your home. Display your upcycled bottle creations proudly or gift them to share thrifty ideas with family and friends.

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