We are absolutely taken with this upcycled vintage door beverage bar! First and foremost it’s an awesome, functional use of an old door. Secondly, with it’s rustic chic aesthetic it’s just plain gorgeous. Perhaps though it’s the finishing touches that really get us; the handy hooks for dish towels and wine openers and the vintage bottle opener. For whichever reason, with summer right around the corner we can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to add one of these bad boys to their back yard or patio. Read on to find out how to make your own.


How to make an upcycled vintage door beverage bar

upcycled vintage door beverage bar stationStep 1 – The first step to making an upcycled vintage door beverage door is gathering your materials. The only real must-have item is an old door. You might already have one waiting to be repurposed. If not, check your local online classifieds or Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Then think about how many shelves you’d like to have. The featured upcycled vintage door beverage bar has 2 shelves, 6 spindles from a porch, and 2 cut sections of another door for the top and bottom of the bar surface. Almost any wood would work for this upcycle so try to use what you’ve got. Think scrap wood, offcuts, planks of wood, pallets etc.

Then be sure to give everything a good power wash to clean. A gentle hand sanding is also suggested.

upcycled vintage door beverage bar stationStep 2 – Now start assembling your upcycled vintage door beverage bar. Lay your door on 2 saw horses and use right angle braces to line up your bottom shelf. We suggest drilling pilot holes and screwing from the back side of the door. Then add the spindles. Measure out where you want them to go and drill pilot holes and screw from the bottom. The back spindles will be flush with the door so some additional screws from the back will help secure further. Reach again for your right angle braces and add the top shelf to the top of the spindles. Screw from the back and straight down into the spindles.

upcycled vintage door beverage bar stationYou can now add a shelf for glasses. Secure this with additional sections of spindles. Again, any scrap wood could work for this. To secure, drill from the underneath of the shelf to attach the bracket. Secure the brackets directly to the shelf and also from the back of the door.

If you’d like, reuse an old shelf for the uppermost shelf. Drill and screw to secure.

Step 3 – Once everything is assembled you can finish with paint. The shown upcycled vintage door beverage bar got a dry brush on the spindles to make them look more rustic. To unify the look the shelves and spindles also got a coat of dark wax. Touches of chalkboard paint were added to one panel on the door. Finally the whole piece received 2 coats of spray poly to protect it against the elements.

Step 4 – You are now ready to add your finishing touches: The old fashioned ice bucket on the bottom shelf to keep your beverages cold. The galvanised tray to collect condensation from your perfect pitcher of sangria. The hooks for dish towels and wine openers and our favourite, the vintage Coca-Cola bottle opener. Once you’re done, decide where you want your upcycled vintage door beverage bar to go and anchor it to the wall. You are now ready to partake in some serious outdoor entertaining. Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

upcycled vintage door beverage bar station

Source: Finding Home 

4 Thoughts on Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar

  1. Oh my goodness, I love this. I could totally picture building something similar and putting it on my patio for summertime. Thanks for posting it!

  2. I love it…fantastic idea…never ceases to amaze me the creative talented people in this world, thanks for sharing your idea…I’m going to try to re-create it:))

  3. Love your inspiration!

  4. Oh myyyy gooodddd (in Janice voice) ! This is simply stunning! I just need an old shabby chic-vintage looking door now! Will try to make this !


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