Is there anything more satisfying then making something new from something old? Today we feature an upcycling clothing tutorial. It’s sort of like free retail therapy. Learn how to transform an old tank and a shirt into a fabulous new top!

To make: 

  1. Cut the shirt into strips
  2. Sew the edges of the strips
  3. With a sewing machine ruffle the strips
  4. Sew the ruffles onto your tank top

Check it out!

Source: Lana Red

2 Thoughts on Upcycled Tank Top

  1. that is so cool…i think that you can change the color of the taktop and have the ruffles like a plain color than that would look really awesome!!!

  2. i think this is gorgeous!! its given me many ideas & inspiration for my 12 yr old granddaughter & me to make her a similar top!! we will try it on top w/sleeves so she can wear it to school!! thanks so much!! im new to the internet but not to sewing & have been searching for projects for me to sew & 12 yr old to do on her own! she is learning to sew but this will be more of an “instant gratification” project for her i think. so thanks again!!


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