These gorgeous upcycled tables are created by Herso, a Dutch furniture making team. Herso create mixed wood tables by gluing small pieces of discarded wood together. Their mission is to create beautiful, high-quality wooden furniture from waste wood. The resulting seamless upcycled tables speak for themselves.

upcycled tables

Herso is based in Loosbroek, a very small town in Brabant in the Netherlands. Headed up by Rik Ruigrok, the Herso team have mastered the craft of creating mixed wood tables. Herso source their wood from the waste wood of deprecated frames, old pallets and woodworking colleagues. Herso also receive wood from the recycling company Van Kaathoven. In exchange, they supply Van Kaathoven with their saw dust and wood chips. Van Kaathoven turn this by-product into cat litter and plant compost. This symbiotic relationship is a brilliant manifestation of Herso’s “no waste” policy.

upcycled tables

Why make upcycled tables?

Rik views wood as a battery filled with C02. By making upcycled tables from waste wood, Herso addreses the increasing problems resulting from the timber industry. With their unique process of working with mixed wood, Herso endeavor to emphasis the beauty and origin of the wood. The Herso label of ready to buy upcycled tables is called Made/Loosbroek. We love the distinctive character found within the product range.

upcycled tables

Herso also make custom commissioned pieces. Rik believes interior designers and creatives are distinguished by their uniqueness, and united by their talent, originality and functionality. They go to many places from their tables and desks and therefore can come to Herso for something truly special. The image below features the no-waste Tom Tom conference table created for the Matrix VI building at the Science Park in Amsterdam.

upcycled tables

We really love the gorgeous and unique look of the Herso upcycled tables. We thing they make for stand out upcycled furniture to be treasured.

Source: Herso

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