It’s always handy to have some occasional seating/side table options. Imagine the scenario, you’re hanging around on your hammock and need a place to rest your book or feet. This upcycled ottoman pouffe would be perfect for that. It can be made from any rug and can be stuffed with old pillows and cushions. Read on to find out how to make your own upcycled ottoman pouffe.

upcycled ottoman

To make this upcycled ottoman pouffe you will need 5 square pieces of rug for the top and sides of the ottoman and 2 additional pieces of rug that will form the overlapping enclosure at the bottom of the ottoman. The square pieces need to be 1″ bigger than the final ottoman size. So if you’d like a 18″ x 18″ x 18″ ottoman then cut your squares to 19″ x 19″. These dimensions can be adjusted according to your preference for final ottoman size.

Once you have your pieces cut, lay them out in a cross formation. You should have 3 squares horizontally and then vertically from top to bottom: the first small overlapping piece for the base of the ottoman, then 3 squares, then the last overlapping piece for the base of the ottoman.

upcycled ottoman

Now sew the squares of rug together. Be sure to check that the seam is consistently on the same side for all of the rug pieces. By lifting the cross up you can now sew the sides of the squares together forming a loose cube. Pin your base flap pieces into place and sew them to secure.

You can now turn your ottoman right side out and stuff it with old cushions or batting. If you’d like you can even use your ottoman for out-of-the-way linen storage.

upcycled ottoman

Straighten your overlapping flaps and turn your new upcycled ottoman over. Voila, you’re done!

upcycled ottoman

Source: Prudent Baby

6 Thoughts on Upcycled Ottoman

  1. I think is a great idea , to be able to use things that you already have and create something new .

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  3. You can also make a cover out of old Genes – indoors in front of TV use the pockets to hold mobiles etc.

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