It’s time. With the Thanksgiving leftovers gone and only a couple of days until December, we are officially launching into holiday season mode.¬†With our deep love for disco balls and all things shiny we’ve decided to kick off the season in appropriate style. Presenting to you the most wicked mosaic upcycled ornaments.

upcycled ornaments

These upcycled ornaments are awesome! They make use of something we’ve all got boat loads of: old CDs.

upcycled ornaments

As far as DIY projects go, these upcycled ornaments are super easy to make. Get ahold of some glass ornaments you want to dress up and dust off those CDs. With a good pair of scissors cut the CDs into little pieces. Glue these pieces onto the ornaments with a hot glue gun. Clean up the strings of glue as you go along. Each ornament will use around 1 and a half CDs.

Once you’ve covered the ornament take the top off and insert some sparkly ribbon. This will hide the visible glue dots you would have otherwise noticed. It also takes these upcycled ornaments to the next level!

That’s it, you’re done. They’re almost too easy!

Source: Creme de la Craft


2 Thoughts on Upcycled Ornaments

  1. Fantastic! Love these and the cork planters for Christmas.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Great looks amazing! might try it for this Christmas!!!


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