We love upcycled nightstands. There are so many different ideas to choose from! Some of our favourite upcycled nightstands include trunks, suitcases, and ladders. To choose a style, think about how much space you have, and what your storage needs are. Here’s a list of our top 15 ideas for upcycled nightstands. Let’s take a look!

Upcycled Nightstands

Steamer Trunks & Suitcase Nightstands

Trunks and suitcases are some of the most popular upcycled nightstands because they offer hidden storage. This upcycled furniture idea is an easy DIY. Especially the steamer trunk nightstand. Just pick a steamer trunk that’s the same height as your mattress.

Steamer Trunk Nightstand

Upcycled Nightstand - Steamer Trunk Noightstand
Source: Lily

Stacked Suitcases

These vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases have been propped on wooden blocks to serve as a nightstand. The tray on top adds a firm surface and lovely design detail.

upcycled nightstand
Source: House Beautiful

Suitcase Bedside Table With Hairpin Legs

Sometimes you’re only a set of hairpin legs away from upcycled furniture. Here are a few examples of suitcases turned into upcycled nightstands.

Upcycled Nightstand - Suitcase Side Table
Source: Apartment Therapy

We love using hairpin legs to make upcycled furniture. They add such an awesome Mid Century Modern style. These bedside tables have so much personality!

Upcycled Nightstand - Suitcase Side Table
Source: The Repurposed Nanny

Stacked Suitcases

Another DIY idea for upcycled nightstands is to stack vintage suitcases to your desired height. It’s so easy!

Upcycled side table - Stacked Suitcases

This example shows how nice is can be to have two contrasting nightstands. On one side an antique table is used as a nightstand and a stack of suitcases on the other.

Upcycled nightstand - stacked suitcases
Source: Damask & Dentelle

Hanging Nightstands

Hanging nightstands are great if you want to save floor space. These are the perfect upcycled nightstands for small or attic bedrooms.

Swing Nightstands

Swing nightstands add a fun and whimsical touch. We like to make these upcycled nightstands with reclaimed wood and yarn. Here are a few different styles for inspiration:

Upcycled nightstand
Source: Elizabeth Ulrich Design

Unusual nightstands - reclaimed wood floating shelf
Source: Urban Outfitters

Live Edge Wood Swing Nightstand

This gorgeous crosscut of walnut had been lying in a barn for 50 years before being made into this upcycled nightstand!

Hanging table
Source: The Merrythought

Ladder Nightstands

It’s super easy to turn an old ladder into a nightstand. Ladders offer lovely, open storage. It’s a nice way to display decor pieces.

Upcycled Nightstand - Ladder Nightstand
Source: Twelve on Main

Upcycled Nightstands - Ladder Nightstand
Source: Urban Outfitters

Want more upcycled ladder inspiration? Check out our top ladder shelf ideas!

Barrel Nightstand

This barrel nightstand is a really creative upcycled piece. It has such an edgy, industrial vibe. We really like the cheeky Chanel No. 5 painted onto the side.

Upcycled Nightstands - Barrel table
Source: Planete Deco

Wall-Mounted Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

This wall-mounted nightstand is a great space saving idea. It’s also a perfect upcycle to make from reclaimed wood.

Upcycled nightstands
Source: original link unknown

Crate Nightstands

We love how low-key fabulous upcycled crates are. Paint the crate or leave it as is, and then add hairpin or industrial piping for the legs. Super simple and they look gorgeous.

Upcycled Nightstand - Crate Nightstand
Source: Dwell Beautiful

Crate Nightstand with Piping

Upcycled Nightstand - Crate Nightstand
Source: Brepurposed

Stacked Drawers

Wall-mount some stacked drawers to make a funky upcycled nightstand. This style is great for displaying your best decor pieces.

Upcycled nightstands - stacked drawers
Source: original link unknown

Which one of these upcycled nightstands is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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