Leather furniture will always be cool, and upcycled leather furniture adds an extra oomph of ‘wow factor’. Today we’re exploring some awesome upcycled leather furniture ideas to match your leather furniture.

Upcycled Leather Furniture – Woven Chair Seat

This first idea is a reupholstery makeover using upcycled leather belts. There are so many leather belts waiting to be discovered (and upcycled) from thrift stores. This chair was reupholstered with 12 belts.

upcycled leather furniture - belt chair Source: Recyclart

You can also upcycle a stool with the same leather weaving technique.

upcycled stool Source: Etsy Blog

Painting Upcycled Leather Furniture

Did you know that you can paint upcycled leather furniture? Well you can! The best paint for this is chalk paint. The first step is to do any necessary repairs a.k.a. sealing rips and tears. Then prime the piece. Rough it up a bit with sandpaper so that the primer will adhere. Then add your primer as a base coat for the paint. Apply the chalk paint allowing it to fully dry and lightly sanding between layers. Make sure you get into all the little nooks and crannies! Seal it with a clear wax.

Here’s an upcycled leather stool that was repainted:

upcycled leather stool Source: Artsy Chicks Rule

You can also do this technique to paint leather with a more dramatic color:

upcycled leather furniture Source: Tangled Wood Works


Stenciling is a great way to add some flair to an old leather item. It’s a timeless look with a twist.

Stenciled leather - upcycled leather furniture Source: Annie Sloan

Upcycled Leather Home Decor

What’s in style this year for your home decor? As it turns out, you can’t go wrong with leather for timeless beauty and appeal. Here are a couple of bonus ways to incorporate upcycled leather if you don’t want to make upcycled leather furniture. 

 Upcycled Leather Tray

This Williams and Sonoma-inspired rustic leather tray is simple to make. First, stain and seal the scrap wood board. Then use a rotary cutter to cut some scrap leather handles. These ones are 8″ long by 1 1/2″ wide. Next, predrill holes for the handles. Then use screws to affix the scrap leather handles to the board. So simple and effective!

leather handle tray Source: Southern Revivals

Floating Bookshelf

You can also upcycle leather belts into brackets for floating shelves! The first step is to measure and cut your wood. These boards shown are 36″ long. Sand and stain the boards and seal them with a coat of poly. For the leather brackets, choose 2 belts that have similar buckles. Then pick a spot on the wall and pre-drill holes and add anchors to secure. Screw the belts into the holes using the existing holes in the belts. Then tie the belts into circles (the way you would when putting on a belt). Next, feed the board through the 2 belt loops and check to make sure that it’s level. Adjust the belts as needed. Then secure the belts to the wood by adding screws through the belts into the underside of the wood. Finally, style the shelves with your favorite home decor items!

floating shelves with leather belts Source: HGTV

Upcycled Leather Belt Planter Holder

Leather belts can also be upcycled to make holders for your planters. This dresses them up and gives them handles (functional bonus!) To do this upcycle, first cut your leather belts into strips. Then make outer rings of leather and secure them with rivets. Add inner straps on a criss-cross (like when you’re adding ribbon to a present). Then mark where the rivets need to go to attach the inner rings to the outer ones. Add straps for handles and attach these with rivets as well.

leather plant holder Source: Shades of Blue Interiors

Upcycled leather home decor looks great with leather furniture. If you’re not sure about what would look best, you can always consult the experts at a leather furniture store. Bring photos of your current room or what it will look like when you’re done with the rest of the decor. Measurements will help too, ensuring you get leather furniture that fits in beautifully within your space and looks cohesive to carry out a flawless design. When it comes to leather furniture, knowing what’s trending can help you find the right match for your aesthetic.

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