These upcycled leather bags are gorgeous! We love the classic designs of these stunning bags made by Chicago-based upcycler Ulia Kordiukova. Ulia scours second-hand stores for old leather jackets and pants and transforms them into stunning, upcycled leather bags! Read on to learn more.

Upcycled leather bags

Ulia grew up in the eastern Ukraine. She became interested in upcycling from an early age. Even as a little girl she used to remake and refashion old clothing. Her childhood room was filled with sewing supplies, materials and dolls. Five years ago Ulia made some leather clutches out of an old leather jacket. Her friends loved them! They encouraged her to continue exploring the upcycling space. So Ulia launched her own brand, called UliUlia.

It is always important to have inspiring people around you who believe in what you are doing.

Upcycled leather bag

Ulia has a passion for fashion and for the environment. Excessive fashion production and consumption are polluting the Earth. That’s why she loves creating beautiful, upcycled leather bags from vintage materials. Ulia finds her inspiration from the clothes she upcycles. She looks at them and begins imagining what she could create. She goes hunting in second-hand shops for leather, suede, denim, cotton and velveteen to upcycle.

Upcycled leather bags

Ulia’s advice to other upcyclers is to start creating. It doesn’t have to be upcycled leather bags, there are so many ways to upcycle! Creative upcycling showcases what’s possible and encourages other people to get involved.

We think Ulia’s upcycled leather bags are absolutely beautiful. The backpack and bucket bag styles are very trendy and yet also quite classic. These are high-quality, handmade pieces made to love for years to come.

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