Top 5 Upcycle Halloween Costumes


With Halloween right around the corner it’s time to get serious about upcycled halloween costumes. We have been searching high and low for halloween costume ideas that are fun to make and easy on the wallet. It’s with great pleasure that we present our top 5 upcycled halloween costumes.

Toy Soldier

Made infamous by Toy Story, this toy soldier upcycled halloween costume gets top marks.

To make: Either from what you have at home, or from the thrift store assemble cargo pants, jacket, shoes, old nylons (for face and hand masks), helmet and army accessories. Cut out a cardboard bubble for the base of your ‘soldier’. Prime and spray paint all items green. Allow to dry.



Toy soldier source: Wild Ink Press

Skeleton Bones T-shirt 
This is an upcycled halloween costume for parents and kids alike. Super stylish and effective for Halloweeners of all ages!

To make: Print out front and back rib cage templates. Fold old t-shirt in half and place on top of cutting board. Align the front rib cage template to folded front side of t-shirt and stick with adhesive. Cut out lines using a small rotary cutter. Repeat with back rib cage template. Once completed layer your skeleton bone t-shirt over another solid coloured t-shirt for dramatic effect.

Skeleton bones t-shirt source: Martha Stewart

Ace of Hearts
Get your Alice in Wonderland on.

To make: For the mask cut a heart from stiff red felt and then cut a hole for the face. Glue elastic on either side to secure.  Cut a neck hole at the middle of the closed end of a pillowcase. Cut holes on either side of the top seams for arms. Create your aces and hearts either with a permanent marker or red felt. Upcycle a cereal box as the candy holder. Enlarge the card box design on a colour photocopier and glue to the cereal box. Add a ribbon handle.

Ace of Hearts source: Parents

Roll Paper Judge
Justice never goes out of style. Be a serious court official with this roll paper periwig.

To make: Measure your desired periwig length against your child’s head. Source enough paper rolls and paint them white. Allow them to dry and then glue them to the fabric. Fasten the wig to a headband or attach elastic band at ear height to secure to your child’s head.



Roll paper judge source: Blogs Babble

Dotty Toadstool
This outfit is just precious.

To make: Take an old hat, like a child’s sombrero and a piece of felt or upcycled cloth. Apply glue to the bottom of the hat and affix to fabric. Trim excess fabric. Measure the hat across the top from brim to brim, add 6 inches to this measurement and cut red fabric accordingly. Place the red fabric against the hat and stuff the empty spaces with plastic bags.  Glue the red fabric down. Cut white circles for the top. If the hat isn’t secure enough, glue strips of white felt to the inside until a secure fit is established.

Bonus tip: This hat making method works equally well for jellfish outfits, just add some bubble wrap tentacles to complete the variation on this upcycled halloween costume.

Dotty toadstool source: Disney Family Fun



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  1. A courtesan is an escort not a court official.

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