Something interesting is happening in Detroit. Wallace Detroit Guitars are taking dissembled wood from abandoned homes, and repurposing them into gorgeous upcycled guitars. The reclaimed wood inspires memories of Detroit’s musical legacy. Former Motor City houses are transformed into high-end guitars.

upcycled guitars

Detroit has a plethora of deconstructed housing. Around 70,000 homes have been abandoned and no one is moving in. The City of Detroit is taking down the houses at a rate of 3,000 structures a year. The focus is on deconstruction, rather than demolishment. This means the houses are systematically dismantled so that the maximum amount of materials can be reused. Deconstruction takes longer than demolishment but offers many advantages, including:

  1. Job creation
  2. Materials are diverted from landfills
  3. Preserves historical resources and cultural heritage
  4. Offers opportunities for new and small businesses to emerge

upcycled guitars

Creatives have jumped on board and have began to repurpose the wood to many different effects. The reclaimed wood has been used for new building materials, coffee tables, sunglasses and now upcycled guitars. The quality of the reclaimed wood is high. Much of it is old-growth wood, harvested from the virgin Michigan forests in the logging boom of the 1800’s and 1900’s. The beauty of the hardwoods shine in these upcycled guitars.

upcycled guitars

In order to create the upcycled guitars, Wallace Detroit Guitars employs 8 skilled craftsman. The wood must be processed in order to remove nails and debris. it must then be cut into wood veneers. The upcycled guitars by Wallace Detroit Guitars utilize the reclaimed wood and include high-quality hardware and hand-wound pickups.

upcycled guitars

upcycled guitars

Mark Wallace, the owner of Wallace Detroit Guitars wants the upcycled guitars to be accessible to a broad range of musicians who will bring the instruments to life:

“I’d like to sell these to everybody. I’d like to sell them to people who love Detroit and love making music.”

upcycled guitars

The first upcycled guitars are expected to be available for purchase later on this month. Stay tuned to the Wallace Detroit Guitars Facebook page for more information.

**Update** Wallace Detroit Guitars is now live!

Wallace Detroit Guitars from Milk Products Media on Vimeo.

Source: Model D Media

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  1. Hi! I feel that the upcycled guitars and tables were genius! Columbia, SC and Orangeburg, SC have many abandoned homes. Come here and work your magic! We’d love to see you here!

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