This year we’re all about having an upcycled Christmas. Upcycled presents make the best gifts and there’s no better way to give your presents than with handmade upcycled gift tags. The best part? These gift tags are made from used cereal boxes!


These upcycled gift tags are easy to make.
Just follow these 5 simple steps:

upcycled gift tags

1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need: a cereal box, wrapping paper, decorative stickers or tape, string or ribbon, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and a hole punch.



upcycled gift tags

2. Cut a strip of cereal box to the size you’d like for your gift tags. Glue on a piece of wrapping paper onto the side of cardboard with the cereal branding. This is a great project for reusing old wrapping paper previously used and saved.
upcycled gift tagsOptional step – you may want to layer another piece of textured wrapping paper for an interesting effect.




upcycled gift tags

3. Cut your decorated cereal box cardboard into strips for your gift tags. Clip the corners to make your tags more aesthetically pleasing.




upcycled gift tags

4. Decorate your tags with washi decorative tape and stickers. Then punch a hole in the top for your ribbon/string.




upcycled gift tags

5. Loop your string in half and feed it through the hole, then pull  both loose ends through the loop. Your upcycled gift tags are now ready for gifting.

Merry Christmas upcyclers! 


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