Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy your garden and patio! Want to kick up your outdoor space? Add some upcycles! There are so many awesome, upcycled garden ideas. Gardening is a great way to repurpose items and turn them into fantastic container gardens. Read on for our top 10 upcycled garden ideas.

Upcycled garden ideas - chair planter

1. Chair Planter

This chair planter is the perfect way to repurpose a chair with a broken seat! Cover the open chair seat with chicken wire. Bend the wire in a basket-like shape and secure it to the seat with wire or cable ties. Line the basket with sheet moss and then inlay some landscaping fabric or newspaper. Fill the basket with soil and plant your garden.

Source: Notey

2. Farmhouse-Style Containers

Upcycled garden ideas - rusty containers
When it comes to upcycled garden ideas the sky is the limit! Almost any rusty item can be given a second life as a creative container. This look is perfect for farmhouse-style decor.

Source: Rancho Reubidoux

3. Pallet Planter

Upcycled garden ideas - vertical pallet planter

The pallet planter is a classic. This was one of the first tutorials we created at Upcycle That. This is a great upcycle if you’re looking for a feature piece for your patio or smaller space. See the full tutorial here.

4. Wheelbarrow Planter

Upcycled garden ideas - wheelbarrow planter

Rusty wheelbarrows make the most charming upcycled garden planters. It’s almost as if they were made to be filled with flowers! This is such a gorgeous look.

Source: Ski Country Antiques

5. Strawberry Pallet Planter

Upcycled garden ideas - strawberry pallet planter

Upcycled garden ideas aren’t just for flowers. Make a freestanding strawberry planter from a pallet. This design gives your strawberries the space they need to spread out and grow. See how to make it here.

6. Birdcage Planter

Upcycled garden ideas - birdcage planter

There are upcycled garden ideas for vertical planters, raised bed planters and also hanging planters like this upcycled birdcage. We often see birdcages at garage sales. Grab one and make a gorgeous hanging planter. Here’s our tutorial.

7. Metal Washing Tub Planters

Upcycled garden ideas - washing tub planters

Vintage metal washing tubs looks gorgeous as upcycled planters. They really capture the farmhouse decor aesthetic. Be sure to drill a few holes in the bottom to give your plants proper drainage.

Source: On Sutton Place

8. Chandelier Planter

Upcycled garden ideas - chandelier planter

The best upcycled garden ideas are often the most eclectic and original. This chandelier planter is certainly unexpected! It’s like a Mad Hatter’s tea party in your garden. We love it.

Source: While They Snooze

9. Bicycle Basket Planter

Upcycled garden ideas - bicycle planter

If you like the wheelbarrow planter, you’ll probably love the bicycle basket planter. It’s just so whimsical! If you’re got a vintage bike that’s collecting rust, dust it off and add some flowers to the basket. Lean it against a picket fence for maximum appeal.

Source: Aiken House & Garden

10. Wine Crate Garden

A wine crate garden is a great container garden idea. This is a perfect way to grow your own vegetables if you don’t have a dedicated garden space. Be sure to drill holes at the bottom of the crates for drainage.

Upcycled garden ideas - wine crate planters

Source: LLH Designs


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Upcycled garden ideas - Wilko Gardening Competition

Which of these upcycled garden ideas is your favourite?

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