Telephone directories are probably one of the biggest wastes of paper and yet, even with the advent of the internet, these books are still being printed and discarded. Mid-west American artist, Kelly Murray, also known as Jolis Poans, thought otherwise with this functional upcycled dress.

upcycled paper dress

Creating a wearable work of art using the monochrome pages of telephone directories, Murray’s upcycled dress was part of a project for her Creative Processes class. This upcycler extraordinare “pleated, stuck, sewed, and glued everything by hand”. A fashionable and functional runway contender, the upcycled dress is the perfect example of what to do not only with telephone directories, but also with magazines and newspapers. Have some discarded paper? Fabulous. We just wouldn’t advise wearing it out in the rain.

Source link: My Modern Met

2 Thoughts on Functional Fashion: Upcycled Dress from Telephone Directories

  1. I love this dress!

  2. how did you do that? (please help I have to make something up-cycled but it has to be wearable and I think it…it…it’s amazing.)


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