Upcycled curtains lend grace and modern flair. Much like we meticulously select our attire, our windows also warrant a fashionable touch. Windows are the bridge between our homes and the external world and it’s amazing what a good window treatment can do! Let’s explore the nuances of these distinctive window adornments.

Denim Patchwork Curtains

Combine the awesome look of patchwork with denim for the ultimate upcycled curtains! To make this upcycle, collect lots of different denim jeans and then cut them into patches. Starch the patches and zigzag stitch around the edges. Sew the patches into strips and then sew the strips together. Line the curtains and use the waistband part of the jeans to make the loops for the curtain rod.

denim patchwork curtains Source: Vicky Myers Creations

Slide Upcycled Curtains

This curtain made from slides is ultra cool! To make it, punch holes on all 4 corners of the slide and attach them together with jump rings. Be sure to backup any important slides before you do this, as exposure to light will fade them over time.

slide curtains Source: Bored Panda

Window Valance

A window valance is a great way to tie the elements of a room together and complete the look of a space. A window valance is a strip of fabric above a window. They use very little fabric and are ideal for spaces where long drapes would be cumbersome, like a kitchen window. You can easily hang a window valance with a rod. It will make your window look complete and unify the overall look of the room. These upcycled curtains are a great way to use up a fabric offcut/scrap.

window valance Source: The Homes I Have Made

Reclaimed Wood Valance with Ruffles

If you love the look of a window valance but want a more rustic look, you can make it with reclaimed wood. Stain some boards and then brace them together from the back. Add end pieces with L brackets. The sweet ruffle on the bottom is made with dropcloth from a hardware store. Staple it onto the back of the valance with a staple gun.

upcycled curtains Source: Hunt and Host

Tablecloth Upcycled Curtains

You can easily repurpose a tablecloth as upcycled curtains. This is an easy and inexpensive idea. To upcycle a tablecloth into curtains, cut it in half and hem down the sides. Choose if you want to line it or not and then hang it with curtain clips.

tablecloth curtains Source: Anderson and Grant

Front Slat Roman Shades

Front slat Roman shades are a variation of the traditional Roman shade, designed with a modern twist. These shades incorporate slats or rods at the front, which are visible when the shade is drawn up. At their core, front-slat Roman shades operate much like their traditional counterparts. A pull of the attached cord, and voilà! You can control the room’s light to your heart’s content. But what sets them apart is the addition of slats, which add texture and a structured look.

roman slat shades

These shades give you the power to control the ambiance of your room. Whether you want to flood your space with sunlight or create a dim, cozy atmosphere, these shades have got you covered. The slats can be adjusted to let in as much or as little light as you desire, allowing you to set the perfect mood for any occasion. While they are undoubtedly stylish, front-slat Roman shades have a subtle elegance about them. They enhance a room without dominating it, allowing other design elements to shine as well. Looking for modern yet timeless front slat Roman shades? Find them here.

Door Knob Tie Back

A vintage doorknob is a lovely DIY curtain tieback solution! Simply affix it to the wall where you want it to hold back your curtain.

doorknoc tieback Source: Mama and More

Looking for a project to make with old window shutters? Check this DIY display board here.

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