Sometimes you just need clever closet solutions. We’ve all been there, you find a great place, room, apartment but the closet is sorely lacking. What to do? No closet? No problem. Here are some of our favourite upcycled closet solutions.

upcycled closet solutions

upcycled closet solutionsTree branch rack

This tree branch clothing rack is a brilliant alternative to a freestanding coat rack.

To make: Find a fallen branch that looks appealing and that a hanger will be able to hook onto. Make sure it’s fully dry and paint it white. Measure your branch length and crew in 2 ceiling hooks at the appropraiate distance. Fold a piece of chain link in half and slip onto the ceiling hook. Repeat for other hook. Slip branch in between the two chains and secure to the branch by nailing in the chain.

Source: Love Aesthetics

Folding chairs

This is a great upcycled closet solution to create temporary or even permanent closet space. Take 2 -4 chairs and hang onto the wall with nails. Use the bottom rod of the chairs for hanging clothing and the seat of the chairs for storage.

upcycled closet solutions

Source: Yiconglu

Do you have any other ideas for clever closet solutions? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

4 Thoughts on No closet, no problem – upcycled closet solutions

  1. At first sight I thought the painted tree branch was an old exhaust pipe from a car …. now there’s an idea ….

  2. Creative…where do I put the nails? How secure is it?

    • Hi Lynn, you’ll want to find out where the support beams in your ceiling are. You can use an electronic stud finder for this. As to the weight that the branch will bear, this is dependant on the strength of the assemble cables. Your hardware store can help you find ones that can handle 100 pounds.


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