Ever since we posted the upcycled cassettes turned pencil holder we’ve been been hankering to make one for ourselves. Simple yet effective, our desks were calling out for a little mix tape loving. Thankfully cassette tapes are readily available at flea markets and we were able to buy ourselves a whole box for next to nothing.

upcycled tape cassettes

Once you’ve got your cassette tapes ready to upcycle all you need in addition is:

  • a sharp knife
  • glue gun
  • salvaged cardboard
  • scissors

To make:

  1. You’ll notice the edges on the side of the tapes have bumps or ‘guides’ for where the cassette tape rested in the player. You’ll need to remove them from one side of each tape so that the base of the cassettes can be glued flush to the cardboard. Take your sharp knife and scrap these bumps off. Be sure to scrap away from yourself.
  2. Line the cassette tapes up and glue the edges of the 4 cassette walls together.
  3. Now measure how much cardboard you need for the bottom. Do this by placing the cassette structure on cardboard and tracing around it.
  4. Cut out your cardboard base and glue it to the cassette structure.
  5. Voila, you now have a cassette tape pencil holder!

Now that we’ve made one cassette pencil holder we can’t wait to use the rest of our tapes to make more. We’re going to experiment with different sized holders for our expanding stationary needs.

What do you use for your desktop pencil holder?

10 Thoughts on Upcycled Cassettes

  1. AMAZING! Such a great idea. I need to go dig up my old cassettes

  2. I use pringles chips cans, the short ones 🙂 I’ve wrapped them up in paper and ribbon 🙂

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  7. The cassettes are amazing! I gotta try that. This takes me back to the 80’s for me. Great upcycling! Keep it going!

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  10. Really? You had to go BUY cassettes to to this? Wish I’d known– I coulda given you tons.


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