Upcycled bike accessories are great for maximizing your bike experience! We love using upcycled bike baskets and crates to help lighten our load. Even if you are not a delivery person, you could still use some unique upcycled bike accessories to improve your riding experience. Upcycled accessories, look original and are also better for the environment. This article will give you ideas on some amazing upcycled accessories that will make it more fun to ride your bike. You can even use these for specialized bikes

upcycled bike accessories

Upcycled Bike Accessories

To make things simpler for you, here is a list of accessories that will definitely come in handy while you are riding your bike:

1. Upcycled Bike Crate

We love a good bike crate! vintage wine or fruit crates are perfect for using on the rear carrier of your bike. Drill it on to secure, and bike away into the sunset with your collection of pineapples!

upcycled bike crate Source: SF Girl By Bay

2. Vintage Basket Turned Bike Crate

A basket attached to the rear of the bike is helpful for carrying additional items such as food and small groceries. You can easily upcycle one from a vintage basket. This vintage basket was sourced from Etsy and drilled onto the luggage carrier on the back of the bike.

vintage bike accessory Source: She Makes Magic

3. Bike Streamers

A bike feels so much more fun when there are streamers attached to the handlebars. These handlebars dance in the wind as you ride along, giving your bike a pop of color and life.

Making bike streamers is also fairly easy. You can upcycle ribbons that you’ve saved, or cut fabrics into thin stripes. 

Attach these stripes with a string and that tie a knot with the string to the handlebar. Use glue to make sure the knot stays in place. Or, you can attach the ribbons to metal clips and fit these into the end holes of your handlebar grip.

upcycled bike handlebar ribbons Source: Retro Your Ride

4. Upcycled Bike Pannier

You can make an upcycled bike pannier from either spare leather or fabric. This one is made from old corduroy trousers! You can attach this onto your pannier rack and keep your essentials and groceries safe. This one is really cool because it doubles as a backpack!

upcycled bike pannierSource: Handmade Charlotte

5. Coconut Drink Holder

We love this idea for a bike drink holder made from a coconut shell! It’s a super fun idea and perfectly fits a can or coffee cup!

All you have to do is eat the pulp out of a coconut (yum), and then add an attachment to keep it on your bike handlebar. 

coconut drink holder for bikeSource: Crusin Coconuts

6. Roll-Top Backpack

A roll-top backpack is a great biking accessory! This one is upcycled from a tarpaulin IKEA bag which is even better because it will repel the rain! We love the quilted panel details on this one.

roll-top bacpack Source: Ikea Hackers

7. Handlebar Bike Rack

An old bike handlebar makes an awesome bike rack! To make one, attach the drop-styled handlebars to your wall. Then store your bike in the handlebar rack by placing the middle bar of the bike in between the handle drops. 

This saves up a lot of space in your garage or in your living room!

handlebar bike rackWanna learn more about making a handlebar bike rack? Read the article here.

Final Thoughts

It’s awesome to add upcycled bike accessories to your bike. When your bike components wear out, we also love upcycling them too! Check out this upcycled bike wheel turned gorgeous tire wheel clock.

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