You can upcycle pipes to build storage, light fixtures, or decorative pieces. Pipes are accessible, cost-effective, and look
amazing! They provide beautiful contrast and character.

10 DIY Ideas to Upcycle Pipes for Interior Design

Before you start making something with pipes, you will need the correct type of plumbing fitting. While you don’t have to worry about leakages, you will want to ensure sturdiness and longevity. So, assembling the pipes together properly is important. Here are our favorite functional and beautiful ideas for upcycling plumbing pipes:

1. Pipe Bookshelf

Building a bookshelf is a wonderful way to upcycle pipes. Bookshelves made out of pipes offer a unique look that’s the epitome of industrial chic. In addition to the pipes, you can use some repurposed wood for the shelves. The combination of pipe and wood looks gorgeous, especially when displaying a book collection!

upcycled pipe bookshelf Source: DIY Candy

2. Kitchen Shelves

If you have empty space in the kitchen where you want to add some shelves, you can do that using pipes. Shelves in the kitchen provide a lot of storage and help with kitchen organization. You can customize the size and design according to your preference. These shelves are durable and easy to clean too!

kitchen pipe shelving Source: Sky High Design

3. Bathroom Shelf

Apart from bathroom cabinets, you might need some shelves as well. Industrial pipes make a great addition to your bathroom aesthetic. These shelves are great for storing extra loo paper, scented candles, and diffusers, or other toiletries. 

bathroom shelves Source: Simply Beautiful by Angela

4. Desk Lamps

You can upcycle pipes into unique desk lamps. This is a great option to add a personal touch to your industrial-themed office!

upcycle pipe into a desk lamp Source: DIY Huntress

5. Plumbing Pipes Lighting Fixtures

You can create various types of lighting fixtures using repurposed pipes! You can build chandeliers, make accent lights for walls, build floor lamps, and so on. The possibilities are endless for using upcycled pipes to light up your space!

upcycle pipes into lightingSource: Edison Light Globes

6. Upcycle Pipes for a Living Room Decor Display

Pipe shelving is perfect for displaying your living room decor. Upcycle pipe shelving makes a stunning statement wall!

Living room shelving Source: The Design Twins

7. Industrial Closet Shelves

You can remodel your entire closet with pipes! A wall-mounted clothes rack makes for a stylish, and practical closet in a studio or converted loft apartment.

Industrial closet

8. Freestanding Coat Rack

A pipe garment rack on wheels is the perfect complement to your good fashion sense! Bring your closet with you anywhere and add a pop of industrial style to whatever room you’re in!

pipe rack closet

9. Upcycle Pipes into a Shoe Organizer

Form meets function with the industrial pipe shoe organizer. It’s like displaying a beautiful piece of art by your front door!

upcycle pipes into a shoe organizer Source: Just Knot Wood

10. Industrial Pipe Coffee Table

This plumbing pipe coffee table is the ultimate for modern farmhouse chic!

upcycle pipes into a coffee table Source: The Locker

Tips for Upcycling Pipes for Interior Use

  • Plumbing pipes, by themselves, stand out a lot. Adding elements to it can become excessive. Keep a minimalist design or theme so your space feels composed. 
  • Furniture or fixtures made of pipes gives a great rustic or industrial vibe. However, pipes can look really distracting in traditional decor themes.
  • Before you start your DIY project with pipes, ensure that they are in good condition and de-grease them! 
  • Remove rust from the pipes (if there is any), and use rust-protective sprays for your DIY projects.
  • You can paint the pipes to protect them from rusting as well as to achieve your desired look.

Why Upcycle Pipes?

Pipes are a great material to upcycle, and the result you get is so worthwhile. It is a versatile material, and easy to work with.

Even if your home does not go with the rustic or industrial theme, you can still use pipes as an effective alternative to building shelves or storage. Paint them to blend in with your decor. 

We hope this helps you to upcycle pipes to build industrial shelves, lighting, and other decorative objects!

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