Why upcycle jute? When your home is starting to get cluttered with more jute and hessian bags than you can count, you know it’s time to remediate the issue. Fortunately, you can repurpose them into something else. Here are 5 ways to upcycle jute.

upcycle jute

1. Turn It Into An Area Rug  

One of the best things about jute bags is their robustness and resiliency regarding their fabric quality. Due to these reasons, they can make up for incredible surface rugs. Upcycling your bags into rugs is an interesting way to reuse them. 

It is possible to create a large rug by stitching several bags together. This fabric is ideal for outdoor rugs because of its rugged nature and ability to absorb moisture. You can place them in your entryway, front door, or porch.     

upcycled area rug Source: Creative babies

2. Upcycled Jute Toy Organizer  

Jute bags can be turned into toy organizers. Since the jute fabric is a bit more firm, it can stand independently. You can place it in a corner where kids can easily put their toys away. And because it’s a bag, you can grab all your kids’ trinkets in one go and move them elsewhere if needed.  

jute organizer

3. Make Burlap Pumpkins

With a bit of craftsmanship, you can create stylish pumpkins from jute bags. You only need to put in a little effort for it to be done properly. With your hand-sewing kit and scissors, you can perform this project at home during your spare time. Even though jute can be a rough fabric, these are perfect for jazzing up your outdoor space.  

upcycled jute pumpkin Source: Upcycle That

4. Upcycle Jute As Plant Pots  

Plant pots can be made from thick jute sacs if the bottoms are stitched well and the tops are opened widely. If you love gardening and are looking for planter ideas, jute bags can make up for great ideas. You can customize their sizes according to how large or small your plant is. The key is to ensure that the bottom has plastic material so the soil will retain in the bag.  

Plant succulents, vegetables, or anything that takes your fancy in this bag filled with soil. Don’t forget to create a little hole as their drainage on the bottom. You can display these plant bags in your garden, porch, or indoors. This jute bag planter will look great next to them, along with your other upcycled paint can planters.  

5. Upcycle Jute Into A Bed For Your Pet

You make jute into cushion beds for your dog or cat. The jute fabric is sturdy but comfortable enough for your pet to lie down in. Just stuff some cotton or foam inside. Jute is a great material for this as it will withstand wear and tear. If you have many jute bags, you can create multiple pet pads, so your fur babies can lounge in more than one area in your home.

pet bed


Jute bags are handy, and it’s only a matter of using your creativity and crafty skills to turn them into various products for your home. No matter how many jute bags you have, you shouldn’t get rid of them. Consider upcycling ideas like the ones mentioned above and use them to refresh your home.  

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