There are a lot of great reasons to upcycle a modern rustic decor. It is great for the environment, and you are more likely to enjoy your home and to feel that it is yours if you have put the effort in to it. By upcycling a modern rustic decor you have the chance to design your home in the way that you like.

upcycle a modern rustic decor

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So what is modern rustic decor? It’s a charming style that’s a blend of cozy, rustic elements, with more modern and urban elements. Think contemporary style meets distressed wood. Let’s take a look at how to get this look right.

1. Distress Furniture to Upcycle a Modern Rustic Decor

Having distressed furniture helps to create that sense of a rustic home. It also is perfect for upcycling because you take older furniture and repurpose it creatively. Older items have more character or “patina”. This is the gorgeous, weathered effect that has developed over time. You could buy some items from charity shops or garage sales that have patina. Or, you could stain and sand items to give them this effect. 

There are a few methods that work to distress wood by staining. One of our classic favorites is tea staining. Tea staining combines two elements: black tea that has been steeped and cooled, with steel wool that has been submerged in white vinegar. The steel wool will react with the vinegar and rust, making an. iron acetate. First brush on the tea mixture. Then brush on the iron acetate and watch the color darken. It’s instant patina!

tea staining

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Another great way to weather wooden furniture is by sanding it. This allows for the wooden texture to peak through between the paint. This chippy paint is classic rustic style!

distressed furniture

However you do it, having some distressed furniture in your home is going to work towards the rustic look that you are aiming for.

2. Wood Furniture

Having lots of wood is another thing that can work towards the rustic feel, especially if you are going for that reclaimed farmhouse vibe. For instance, a classic wooden, farmhouse kitchen table is a great centerpiece. Other options for a great wooden centerpiece include a wooden mantel, or perhaps a worktable made from oak. These are just examples, but they showcase just how easy it can be to make use of wood – and how it works towards having that warm and rustic feel.

3. Incorporate Texture

Another great way to embody modern rustic decor is to include inviting textures like cozy throw blankets, cushions and rugs. We love these upcycled sweater cushions.

upcycle modern rustic decor

Source: Hello Hayley

4. Upcycle a Modern Rustic Look by Contrasting Pieces

Contrasting wood with metal is a great way to invite a modern rustic look. We love the idea of using a distressed metal trunk as a coffee table!

upcycle modern rustic decor Source: Hello Hayley

As you can see, it’s relatively easy to upcycle and make room for modern rustic decor. By following these tips, you could have a beautiful rustic look home in no time at all.

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