Do you want to learn how to upcycle a dress shirt? This post has the best techniques for turning a dress shirt into a chic accessory that any person would love. You can make bracelets, key chains, tote bags, and more with the upcycled shirts, whether you shop with a cute pattern, dig through your partner’s old clothes, or buy a thrifted one. These are the top 7 ways you can spoil your boyfriend by upcycling a dress shirt.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is one of the finest things you can construct from an old dress shirt. Well 2 of them actually!

upcycled dress shirt Source: Upcycle My Stuff

Upcycle a Dress Shirt into a Baby Bib

If you have a baby, creating a little bib for your kiddo would be a great idea, which will look like a shirt and tie. In order to sew a baby bib, you need a flannel fabric in a funky color and print for the bib front and coordinating color for the bib back. Once you’re sewed this bib, your baby will look like a smart person in a cute outfit.

Macrame-Style Wall Hanging

Using your never-ending supply of men’s shirt remnants and an ornamental tree branch from your yard, you can make a Macrame-style wall hanging.

Key Chains

The keychain is the quintessential upcycle. Make use of every scrap of fabric on the floor of your craft area since you don’t need much to create something special.

Wrapped Clothes Hangers

Want to give your ordinary plastic or wire hangers a better look and feel? Try wrapping them in strips of a dress shirt. You may consider choosing complementary colors or experimenting with different ways to wrap the hangers for an enhanced aesthetic.

Upcycle a Dress Shirt into a Chapstick Holder

Try creating a tiny chapstick holder with a blue cuff. The concept is clever and works well for a chapstick. You can fasten it to a key chain or perhaps to the interior of your wallet with a loop. This eliminates the need to dig around in your bag to find it.


The fabric from the shirts can be used to create two different kinds of bookmarks. One is made of the blue shirt’s cuff corners, while the other is a textile scrap bookmark with a striped pattern. Both of these bookmarks are easy to create.

Upcycled Top

One of the easiest ways to upcycle a dress shirt is to turn it into a different style of top. We absolutely love this cute, cropped drawstring shirt.

upcycled dress shirt top Source: Upstyle Daily

Upcycle a Dress Shirt into a Teddy Bear

A small teddy bear is a lovely way to upcycle a dress shirt. To do this, choose a bear outline clipart online and print it out on an A4 sheet of paper. You can cut it into four parts using a template: two pieces of sticky interfacing and two pieces of striped shirt.

Then add the ears, nose, and buttons. Finally put the right sides of the material together and sew an even stitch along the border. Then it’s time to turn the bear inside out, close the gap and stuff him.


Amazingly, you can upcycle a dress shirt into a women’s top, household items, and more. Every concept is so original and simple to execute. Have fun creating gorgeous new things from your used clothes. Tell us how it worked and how you liked the finished look. Happy cutting and stitching!

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