We really love market, secondhand and thrift shop hunting. It’s amazing what you can create with¬†a small outlay of money and a bit of creativity. These trinket candlesticks are a perfect example. By combining cute, kitschy pieces with discarded candlestick bases you too can make some fun, statement candlesticks. In fact if you look hard enough in your garage you might even find that you already have everything required to make them.

trinket candlesticks

These trinket candlesticks were actually inspired by Anthropologie’s trinket and treasure candlesticks. The Anthropologie ones retail for $398 each. We’re convinced that with a bit of clever hunting you could make 3 trinket candlesticks similar to the ones shown here for under $15 in total. That’s great news because the Anthropologie version were so popular that they are actually sold out. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get upcycling.

Here’s how to make your own trinket candlesticks:

1. Hunt for your trinkets and candlesticks.

2. Once you’ve got the trinkets be sure to give everything a bath in warm, soapy water. (especially important if you purchased the items from thrift stores)

3. Figure out what you’d like to use to for the spacers in between your trinkets. Napkin holders would work well for this. We’re sure they should be easy enough to find secondhand.

trinket candlesticks

4. For effect you can give the napkin holders a coat of metallic paint if you’d like.

5. Now rough up the smooth surfaces on your trinkets where you will be glueing them. You can use a bit of sandpaper for this.

6. Glue your trinkets together using the high setting on your hot glue gun.

trinket candlesticks

That’s it, you’re done. Take a step back and admire your new trinket candlesticks.

trinket candlesticks

Source: Five days 5 ways

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  1. Its a fab idea and have just shared on my Facebook page Bella Does Brighton as always love new up cycling ideas!

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  4. HOW do you keep the tiny tower items from falling???


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