Here at UT we love creative upcycled bookeds. These toy soldier bookends tick all the boxes. They’re quirky and cool and put discarded toys to great use. The best part is that you could use any action figures or plastic dolls. Get imaginative and get ready to upcycle.

toy soldier bookends

How to make toy soldier bookends

Step 1 – It’s not too difficult to make toy soldier bookends. You will need to assemble a few tools including a hacksaw and a jigsaw, and of course a toy soldier or 2.

Step 2 – Begin by cutting your toy soldier in half with a hacksaw, separating just above the waist. You might want to run some sandpaper over the cut edges to smooth them out.

toy soldier bookends

Step 3  Measure the circumference of the waist of your toy soldier and cut 2 oval discs that are slightly larger. You will need to use a jigsaw and wood for this.

Step 4  Aligning your 2 oval discs, drill a hole through both large enough for your bolt to pass through. Because the discs needs to accomodate a nut and bolt respectively, you will need to drill counterbores into the discs. A counterbore is a larger hole over the first hole that only goes halfway through. The counterbore allows for the nut/bolt to sit snuggly in the wood.

Step 5 – Using epoxy glue affix the nut to the counterbore and allow to set. Then glue the upper torso of the toy soldier to the top of the wooden disc, bolt side up.

toy soldier bookends

Step 6 – Put the bolt through the hole on your other oval disc and secure with epoxy glue.  Attach the wooden disc to the legs with the bolt head on the bottom and the actual bolt sticking up.

Step 7 – Drill a hole in your bookshelf and attach the toy soldier’s legs by pushing the bolt through. Finish the installation by screwing on the upper torso. Have fun arranging the arms and legs of your new toy soldier bookend. Want 2 toy soldier bookends? Just make another one!

toy soldier bookends

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  1. pretty cool and a great use of discarded toys, thanks for the idea


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