We’ve long been of the opinion that the Heinz bean can label is an iconic design. You can imagine then how excited we were to learn that Dutch designer Willem Heeffer has been transforming Heinz been cans into tin can lighting!

tin can lighting

Willem Heeffer is a Dutch designer living in Helsinki, Finland. We are particularly fond of Willem’s spatial design, which often incorporates repurposed items such as Heinz bean cans. Willem’s speciality is lighting and he makes absolutely gorgeous lighting from tin cans.

Willem wrote to us to tell us about his recent project, Heinz bean chandeliers for Midhill diner, an American style diner in Helsinki, Finland. The style of the diner is industrial chic and the Heinz bean can chandeliers really finish off the look.

tine can lighting
Each chandelier uses 21 Heinz bean cans.

We especially like the way that the braided textile cables group together at the top in one tin can. This seems to be one of the hallmarks of Willem’s tin can lighting designs.

tin can lightingWith the tin can pendant lighting, the ceiling plug is made from an upcycled tuna can.

Willem works with local restaurants and cafe to collect his cans.

We love that Willem is working with local businesses to collect their would-be-waste. In doing so he transforms everyday objects into gorgeous and functional tin can lighting.

What do you use your tin cans for?

Source: Willem Heeffer

5 Thoughts on Tin Can Lighting

  1. Hi, I love this! Can we find these large size tin cans in regular stores or is this for restaurants?

    • Hi Eugenie, these are restaurant size tin cans. Try asking around at your local restaurants. You should be able to find some 🙂

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