Cutting a glass bottle for your upcycle projects can get tricky. Until now. A clever Canadian by the name of Patrick Lehoux decided to create his very own bottle cutter that makes the tough task a simple one.


What is a Kinkajou?

This bottle cutter with a twist is named after a small South American mammal with big teeth. Patrick didn’t like the fact that current bottle cutters on the market were bulky and expensive so he created one using plexiglass and LEGO wheels. The result is simple and perfect for home projects!

Kinkajou: The bottle cutter

Kinkajou: The bottle cutter

In order for Patrick to get his invention onto the market, he needed funding. He created a page on Kickstarter and managed to secure $80,946 to fund his project. Checkout @CutWithKinkajou on twitter or for updates.

Kickstarter Video.

Source: Kickstarter

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