If you’re looking for the best upcycled gifts for pet owners, then you’re in the right place. Fortunately, there are lots of original ideas. From pet beds to pet toys to memorable photo gifts, to everything in between. And the greatest part is that many of these are easy to D.I.Y. Follow along for our top picks for upcycled gifts for pet owners.

Upcycled Dog Toys

Never throw your jeans away! It’s easy to make upcycled dog toys with used denim. Denim is a robust material that’s perfect for dogs that are harder on their toys. This handmade dog toy is simple to make. Draw a bone onto a piece of paper, cut it out, and use it as a template. Place the template over a piece of denim (the wrong side face up) and trace around it. Do a second piece for the back of the toy. Using multiple pairs of jeans will give a lovely two-tone effect. Cut the bones out and then pin them together and then sew them almost all the way. at this stage flip it the right ride out and add fiber fill and perhaps a dog toy squeaker. Then sew it all the way shut.

Denim dog toys Source: Pillar Box Blue

Tip: Using a piece of jeans with the seams or the pocket lends even more cool factor. Also, if you use the packet you can add a dog treat and it will make it even more exciting for the dog to try and get it out!

You can also make a no-sew denim dog toy using the braided technique. These upcycled dog toys are perfect to use for chew toys or tug or rope!

no-sew denim dog toys Source: Sew Historically

Real Tree Cat Tree

This cat tree made from real branches is the ultimate gift for cat lovers! To make this you need to find the branch, allow it to fully dry, and then strip, stain, and seal it. Then attach the branches to the base by screwing from the bottom of the base into the branches. Add a raised edge trim around the base to contain the rocks. Create and instal scratching posts and wrap them with sisal rope. Then instal the platforms and add the finishing touches.

upcycled gifts for pet owners - real branch cat tree Source: Savvy Nana

Upcycled Gifts for Pet Owners – Tire Bed

Brazilian craftsman Amarildo Silva makes pet beds out of discarded tires. He cuts, washes, and paints the tires and adds a soft base. The finishing touch is the name of the pet that gets painted on the side of the upcycled tire bed.

upcycled gifts for pet owners - pet bed Source: Bored Panda

Customized Pet Portrait Canvas

This idea isn’t upcycled, but it’s so creative and fun that we just had to include it! This customized pet portrait is made with a photo of your pet and a costume of your choice. With over 150 outfits to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your pet’s personality.

pet canvas Source: Crown and Paw pet canvas

Upcycled Gifts for Pet Owners – Cat Tent

If you’re looking for a super low-cost and low-fi gift. Try making this fun cat tent. In no time at all you can whip up an upcycled cat tent using: 2 wire hangers, a piece of cardboard, and an old t-shirt! You don’t even have to cut the t-shirt! It’s pinned in place to the bottom of the cardboard base.

upcycled gifts for pet owners - cat tent Source: Upcycle That

Which of these upcycled pet gifts is your favorite?

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