In the world of bookends, these mismatched telephone bookends are game changers. Why do we assume that bookends must match exactly? How limiting to imagine that only a matching pair of heavy objects will do. With their mismatched make and funky retro feel, these telephone bookends break the mold. Turns out they are also relatively simple to make.

telephone bookends

How to make telephone bookends

These bookends are easy to put together. First find the 2 old phones you’d like to use. Remember, they don’t have to match.

Next take 2 pieces of thin metal 7.5″ long and 1.5″ wide. These will be the base that your phones stand on. Now drill a centered hole 1″ from the end of each metal piece. Then take a larger drill bit and screw another hole on top of the first, not quite all the way through. This creates a countersink which allows your screw to sit flush on the bottom of the metal strip.

The next step is optional, if you’d like you can spray paint your metal strips and allow them to dry.

Then take a cordless drill and screw the metal piece to the bottom of the phone after positioning it the way you’d like it to stand. Glue a felt strip to the bottom of the metal base with a a hot glue gun.

Finally position your books and prop them up with your new telephone bookends!

telephone bookends

Does this remind anyone else of the 90’s tween board game Dream Phone?

Source: A Beautiful Mess

telephone bookends

5 Thoughts on Telephone Bookends

  1. These are great! I have linked one of my web pages to your site –

  2. Swell!

  3. Wonder if you can do the same thing with traditional metal bookends, the kind used by libraries. Hide the upright metal by slipping a book over it so it rest against the angled phone receiver.

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