Have you tried upholstery before? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. This sweater stool is a perfect project to start with. Upcycle an unwanted sweater into a cozy new bench or stool!

Sweater Stool Upholstery DIY

Little footstools like this one are so handy. We like to keep one by the front door to use for putting on shoes and boots. The stool we used had awesome mid century modern style, but the upholstery had seen better days. We knew it had a lot of upcycle potential. We were just waiting for the right material to come along… Cue the awesome striped vintage sweater!

Sweater Stool

The print of this sweater is reminiscent of the classic Hudson’s Bay Company stripes. The Canadians in the crowd will know what we’re talking about. We thrifted this sweater to wear it, but unfortunately the wool it’s made of was quite itchy.

Not the types to sit around and mope, we discovered the sweater’s true potential; it was the ultimate material to upcycle for a sweater stool!

Sweater Stool Upholstery DIY

It’s easy for you to make your own sweater stool. You will need:

  • A foot stool or bench to reupholster
  • An awesome sweater. Check to see if you have one that was accidentally shrunken, or score one at your local thrift shop.
  • A staple gun and staples
  • A flat head screwdriver and pliers
  • Scissors

Once you’ve got everything assembled, flip your stool over.

Sweater Stool Upholstery DIY

Take your flat head screwdriver and pliers and use them to remove the existing staples. This is the most time consuming part of the upcycle. We left the inner part of the black liner attached so that we could reuse it.

Sweater Stool DIY

Remove the previous fabric and use it as a pattern. Cut your sweater and place it accordingly.

Sweater Stool DIY

Wrap the sweater around the stool as if you’re wrapping a present. Staple the fabric into place. Trim the excess. Replace the black liner on top of the sweater and staple this into place. This will give the nice, finished look to the bottom of your sweater stool.

Sweater Stool DIY

Here’s a handy recap of the steps to make your own sweater stool, so easy!

The perfect upcycle for sweater weather!

Sweat Stool DIY Upholstery

7 Thoughts on Sweater Stool DIY

  1. I love using old sweaters to upcycle. I think the one you used was perfect for the bench.

  2. I love the retro look. Might try the same thing with a cushion cover. Check out the chair I just upcycled! https://goo.gl/e1AD1d

  3. I found the same sweater, minus the tag, what brand is it? What is the fabric content? Some in my family can’t use wool. Love your little foot rest!

    • This one does have wool in it. That’s actually why we turned it into a stool as wool makes us itchy too!

  4. Love this project! I am originally from Canada so the Hudson’s Bay Company stripes were what made me click in to have a look:) . Looks fab and super simple to do – well done!

  5. Beautiful idea thank you .

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