A succulent brick wall, this is what dreams are made of. Just when we thought we couldn’t love succulents or vertical planters even more this idea came along. A succulent brick wall: simple, beautiful and brilliant. Start saving your bricks.

succulent brick wall

This idea comes from Lily Huynh of Seattle, Washington. As a fellow succulent fan, Lily decided she wanted to get married in front of a wall of succulents. To make her succulent brick wall Lily bought engineering bricks from Earthwise in Seattle and got succulent clippings from a generous friend. She then assembled the brick-ulents.

Here’s how to make a succulent brick wall:

  1. Source engineering bricks. These are the bricks with 3 holes, although they can have up to 10 or even 16 holes. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with bricks with various amounts of holes.
  2. Now get your succulents. Succulent clippings do really well. So if you don’t want to buy new succulents don’t be shy to ask your friends for clippings.
  3. Mix potting soil with cactus soil for a succulent friendly mix.
  4. Place your brick holes down in a baking pan with about a half inch of water at the bottom. Fill the holes with soil and arrange your succulents in the holes.
  5. Place the newly assembled brick-ulent somewhere were it can rest for a few days. This will give the succulents a chance to acclimatize before turning the bricks sideways in a vertical planter.
  6. When the succulents are ready arrange your new succulent brick wall.
  7. Invite friends over to admire your handiwork.

Design*Sponge At Home book
Lily Huynh of nincomsoup
Charlotte Fischer for the upcycle lead

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4 Thoughts on Succulent Brick Wall

  1. I’d only add that you can use the back side of the bricks, some robust wire or even some metal rods/frames and a few bolts to secure the construction well, thus allowing it to grow up.

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