Being the weekend and all, we figure it’s the best time to feature this steamer trunk liquor cabinet. We love the look of this upcycled steamer liquor cabinet and think it makes a great aesthetic and functional addition to a living space.

steamer trunk bar

This steamer trunk liquor cabinet was designed and built by Daniel Chastain of Funkadelic Relic. With Funkadelic Relic, Daniel specializes in creating unique and innovative designs from outdated materials. It’s exactly the type of item we love featuring at Upcycle That!

For the steamer trunk liquor cabinet Daniel took a pair of 1940’s wood and metal steamer trunks and transformed them into gorgeous wine and liquor cabinets. We especially love the functionality of these pieces. By adding a glass window and beautiful wooden shelves, the steamer trunk bars are transformed. These pieces would become real talking pieces when added to a living room. We can easily imagine adding one or both of these to our living space.

steamer trunk bar

Funkadelic Relic also make some cool upcycled lamps and vintage suitcase speakers similar to the ones we’ve featured here. Head on over to their Etsy shop to see more of their work.

Source: Funkadelic Relic on Etsy

**Daniel got in touch with us to share his cool steamer trunk bars. We’d love to hear from you too. You can always get in touch with us via the email address listed on our About page.

7 Thoughts on Steamer Trunk Liquor Cabinet

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  2. Very cool!! I love the wine rack one.

  3. I think your selves are too thick, Might I suggest 3/8 oak plywood shelves and dividers to upscale the design.

  4. Brilliant and stylish:)

  5. Love love love it, kool

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