Spring flowers are especially beautiful after a cold winter! Adding flowers to your home is the best way to welcome the season. Flowers don’t have to be expensive. Even a few flowers can have a big impact when artfully arranged. Read on for some fun upcycled ideas!

Spring flowers - light bulb vases

Light Bulb Vases

Light bulb vases are such a beautiful way to display spring flowers! First find some old light bulbs. Many stores have recycling collection points. Ask these places if you can salvage the bulbs. Once you’re got the bulbs, you need to take the metal tab off the bottom with pliers. Then, carefully break the black glass at the bottom of the bulb. Hold the lightbulb upside down and remove the broken glass with your pliers. Hold the bulb by the metal part and use your pliers to remove the filament. Bend a wire hanger to create a hook and hang your light bulb vases with string.

Light Bulb Vase DIY

Image source: DIY Projects

Just look at how the greenery pops in these light bulb vases!

Light bulb vases

Image source (1st image and above): Fee Ist Mein Name

Floating Flowers

Floating floral arrangements are so gorgeous. Think of how stunning this would be for an Easter table centerpiece!

Spring flowers

Flowers float alright by themselves for a little bit, but slowly start to sink over time. Bubble wrap skirts are the solution. Do you save the bubble wrap you get from packages and presents? So do we. Reuse the bubble wrap to float your spring flowers. Simply cut out a bubble wrap disk slightly smaller than the flower head and cut a hole in the middle. Slip the stem inside and float your flowers in a circular vase.

Spring flowers

Image source: Christine de Beer

Spray Painted Glass Bottles

Spring flowers look beautiful in glass bottles. Collect bottles from condiments or go scouting for them at thrift shops. We love this cool 2-tone effect with white and emerald, so fresh!

Spring flowers

To achieve this look, first spray paint your glass bottles white and allow them to dry completely. Get the gorgeous green gradient by pulling the spray can away from the bottle as you work your way up. These upcycled vases look fabulous in groups!

Spring flowers - gradient vases

Source: Schere Leim Papier

Easter Egg Basket

This basket vase is perfect for Easter. Place a glass vase into a vintage mesh wire basket. Add your eggs to the outside of the vase. Fill the vase with water and your favourite flowers.

Spring flowers, Easter arrangement

Spring flowers, Easter

Image source: The Casual Craftlete

The Demijohn Look

Vintage demijohns and oversized wine bottles look amazing with springtime floral branches. Here’s a great idea if you love the look but can’t find a demijohn; use an apple juice jar! Just take off the label and add some floral stems. We love the bright yellow of spring forsythia!

Spring flowers

Image source: A Cultivated Nest

Happy Spring!

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