This record clock art is awesome! We’ve seen vinyl records turned into clocks before, but carving pictures into the vinyl is a fresh spin. These cool record clocks are made by DMT waste art, a group of 3 artists living and working in Osijek, Croatia. Read on to find out more about their process and inspiration.

Vinyl Record Art

Artists Drale, Mirta & Tomo describe themselves as green warriors. They are specialized in upcycling materials such as plastic, wood and paper into art. Then they got inspired to start working with vinyl records!

Record Clock Art

Croatia is full of old LPs from the time of the upcyclers’ grandparents. The records have a very small resale value and so many people simply throw them away. When the group started creating record clock art they bought a hundred LPs for a very low price. Their friends and families now donate a lot of the records that they use.

Vinyl Clock Art

The record clock art is all handmade. To create the clocks, the upcyclers heat knifes and then melt and carve the records. When they first began it took them 3-5 hours to make one vinyl record clock. In 8 months the group was able to cut that time to an hour of carving per clock. Carving aside, each record clock still requires a lot of work. First the artists make a stencil for the design they want to create. Then they copy the design onto the record. After carving, the middle of the record is painted and the clock mechanism installed.

Record Clock Art

Vinyl Record Art

The trio are now record clock carving professionals! They can carve any image into their vinyl clocks. They encourage customers to send in their own photos, so that they can create personalized clocks of their families and pets. They also love creating images of movie characters and famous musicians.

Michael Jackson Record Clock Art

Drale, Mirta & Tomo started working working together in order to be creative and to help the environment. They want to have a positive impact on the world and help to spread that message to younger generations.

Vinyl Record Art

Their favourite record clock so far is an intricate carving of their hometown, Osijek.

Its really complicated to carve and takes a lot of time and patience to do it right. But when it’s done, you realize that it was worth every minute you put into it.

Record Clock Art

Source: DMT waste art

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  1. I enjoy this project! It is perhaps the best out of all you have mailed me! What a fascination and lifestyle re-maker it is.. I would wrap my life around those clocks instead of life kicking me in the pants a little to get up early in the morn. Big ups! You have simply mastered upcycling and anything greenly done is enough for me and my environment. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    Greenly perfect,



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