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Get 2 gorgeous necklaces for the price of 1! A gold vintage coin necklace joins forces with a stunning fossilized shark’s tooth. Each hangs on it’s own chain, so you can layer them, wear ’em separately or style with your other pieces!


RUBY has had a love affair with upcycling and the majesty of old coins for some time. Coin design is a highly skilled and considered craft that draws on leading artisans, influential artistic themes and relevant cultural elements of each era. The result is a carefully designed piece of history that tells tales of forgotten rulers, vanquished empires, famous events, and nostalgic walks to the sweet shop with your first pocket money.

All the coins used in RUBY’s unique Classic Coin Collection are discontinued coins that have been individually selected for their intricate designs, historical relevance, handsome typography, or interesting engraving. Reuse, recycle and upcycle is our mantra! All the coins are hand pierced by a skilled team of metal workers in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

As there is no consistent supply for many of the coins – especially the older ones (going back to 1900) – all coin necklaces are unique.


This gorgeous blue black fossil provides glamorous armour to protect the modern urban warrior. It is a Megalodon tooth shark’s tooth – from an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 28 million years ago, and grew up to 20m (67 ft) long.

The megalodon shark’s tooth necklace hangs at 50cm. The vintage coin necklace is 90cm long. Each comes on it’s own adjustable chain so you can wear them together or style separately.


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