Do you enjoy skateboarding? So do we! We made this unique skateboarding wall clock from an upcycled vinyl LP record. It’s a great home decor piece for any skateboarder’s home.

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⦁ Clock mechanism

We use high-quality, silent mechanisms for our clocks. They work using one AA type battery (not included due to postage regulations). The clock mechanism has a special hanger on the back, making it easy to hang your clock on the wall.

⦁ Label center

The clock is made from an old recycled vinyl record. You can choose from a coloured label or the original record label. The original label will vary from clock to clock and will differ from the label shown in the images. See the images for the colour options and select your preference from the dropdown menu.

⦁ Notes

Each clock is handmade from a vinyl record with a unique label, so the clock might be slightly different than the one in the pictures. Every record has its own history – some of them were bought and left lying on the shelf, others were played many times. You might notice some small scratches or other signs of use, which only makes the clock more unique and interesting.

We can also add some desired text or images – write us a message and we will help you prepare the perfect gift!

⦁ Size & packaging

The diameter of the clock is 12″ (30 cm). The clocks are shipped in a standard pizza box (size: 35 x 35 x 5cm). They are professionally packed using a special case so you can be sure that they will arrive safe and sound.

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CROP SHOP is a workshop which produces unique upcycled wall-clocks from old recycled vinyl records. We love our products and will do everything we can for you to like them, too! :)