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A wooden wall vase, made of a burnt out upcycled light bulb and hard wood.
This vase will add any living or working space a fresh, fun and contemporary look and feel.
A perfect and original present for a new home.

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To have this wall mounted vase on your wall all you need to do is fill it with some water, put a small plant in it (we recommend: agave americana, scindapsus or spider plant) and mount it close to a window so the plant will get some sunlight. (Try to avoid direct sunlight though, it can encourage algae growth).

Don’t forget to check the water level every few weeks and refill it if necessary. You will get a pipette in the package so you can add the water easily.

Please Note:

1. You get the vase without a plant in it, since it is not possible to send plants by mail.

2. Since we are using upcycled wood and light bulbs, color and size may vary from what you see in the pictures



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