Crystals over Pistols! An upcycled bullet crystal pendant from RUBY, featuring a gorgeous druzy spirit quartz crystal. See more info below.


Discovered for the first time in 2002, spirit quartz has only ever been found in one mine in one location on the planet – in Boekenhouthoek, Mpumalanga South Africa. It is a naturally occurring, rare crystal that has a very finely textured crystalline structure known as Druzy spirit quartz.

Spirit quartz is believed to assist with group harmony and cohesiveness; increase physical and intellectual fertility; intensify dream states (place your pendant under your pillow); magnify energy levels and calm localized energy disturbances.  All our druzy spirit quartz wands are hand selected by RUBY’s chief designer. The tips are then ground down, and a polished & repurposed pure brass bullet shell is attached.

Only a limited number of spirit quartz wands will ever be available as no alternative source or secondary mine has been discovered for this unique, powerful gem.

They hang on a 90 – 95cm adjustable chain.

Because of the nature of crystals, each necklace is unique.


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