We dare you to say these plastic bottle bowling pins are anything but the absolute cutest. What could be more fun then knocking down bowling pins in the form of little sumo wrestlers?! Here at Upcycle That we have an absolute soft spot for upcycled kids toys. We think they are functional and downright fun to make and play with. This upcycle comes together easily and is a great reuse of plastic bottles. The best part is that your little one will love helping you make these aadorable plastic bottle bowling pins.

plastic bottle bowling pins

How to make sumo wrestler plastic bottle bowling pins

These bowling pins are made from Aquapod bottles but you could use 6, or even 10 of any kind of plastic bottles. Cover your work area (and children) and mix up some skin colour paint using a combination of red, yellow and a bit of white. Once your paint is ready pour a little into each bottle and close the lid. Then shake your bottles to coat the insides evenly. Your little upcycler will likely love this part.

plastic bottle bowling

Next uncap your bottles and pour out the excess paint. Leave the caps off to let the plastic bottles dry overnight. Once your bottles are dry it’s time to paint on the sumo wrestler accessories. Sumo wrestlers classically have white loin coverings (mawashi) and top knot buns. Use white paint for the mawashi and black paint for the top knot and hair. Use a a black permanent marker to draw on the little smiling faces.

Once everything has dried you can cover all the bottles with Mod Podge/spray sealant to protect your paint from chipping with use.

Then line up your crew of sumo wrestler plastic bottle bowling pins, grab a ball and start bowling!

Source: Sugar and Dots

plastic bottle bowling

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  1. My first thought wasn’t cute but oddly creepy. Admit it, 4 legged sumo wrestlers? Good idea though.

  2. *they’re

  3. This is such a cute idea love it !!!

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  5. Your blog is amazing! I’ve learnt a lot from your words~
    Can I share some of the words and pics from your blog?!!-
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