‘Bring Me Back’ was recently launched by popular sportswear brand PUMA and aims at upcycling unwanted items to create new products. PUMA is dedicated to making a smaller impact on earth. The Bring Me Back program is one way of doing that.

“We’re taking what would normally be trash, and breathing new life into your old sneakers, used t-shirts, and last season’s tote.By taking old clothes and re-using, re-cycling, or re-purposing them, we mitigate the amount of virgin material that would otherwise be used to make new products. This partnership with I-Collect creates a closed-loop system that diverts product from the landfill, and becomes a new product.”

The programme also includes a fun social element where you take a photo of your donated or upcycled item,  write a short obituary about it and post it on Puma’s Bring Me Back site.

PUMA wants any clean footwear, apparel, or accessories (think totes, purses, gym bags) that are taking up room in your closet, locker, or under your bed. You then drop it in a Bring Back Bin at Puma retail locations.

Check out: www.puma.com/bringmeback


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