Upcycle That is on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to upcycle! We love collaborating with upcyclers, brands and companies that share this vision.

In her role at Upcycle That, Judy Rom has created bespoke upcycle projects for international clients including BACARDÌ UK, Gumtree UK and the World Trade Centre Mall in Hong Kong.

Upcycled pieces can be created according to your specific campaign needs and budget. We don’t sell text links on Upcycle That, but enjoy teaming up with synergistic companies for sponsored posts. Get in touch with us to discuss ideas. We’d love to create something for your brand!

Here are some examples of our work:




BACARDÍ rum unveiled it’s first update to its packaging in over a decade. Beautiful, crafted bottles deserve to be properly displayed. So, to celebrate the launch, BACARDÍ asked us to create two upcycled crafted cabinets that could be recreated at home.

The steamer trunk bar and skateboard shelves were upcycled, shot and styled by Judy.

See the crafted cabinets here.


Gumtree UK


Gumtree UK believes in the power of upcycling. They created an upcycling hub to inspire a community of likeminded people. They asked us to create some guest tutorials showing how to make simple and beautiful upcycling projects.

These teacup candles and the dresser drawer coffee table were upcycled, shot and styled by Judy.

See the teacup candles here and the dresser drawer coffee table here.


Eco Summer at the World Trade Centre Mall, Hong Kong


The Eco Summer exhibit was about the discovery that happens when we look at the journey of plastic bottles being reused. To tell this story, The World Trade Centre Mall asked Upcycle That to create two giant sculptures from upcycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottle tennis racket was 6 feet tall and the plastic bottle shoe was 6 feet wide!

Judy project managed this project, collaborating on design with Vancouver artist Robert Dobie and Danielle Ehrlich and Miguel Oliveira from the Cape Town firm, True Story Studio. Judy and Danielle went to Hong Kong to launch the exhibition to the press. These images were taken by Judy.

See Eco Summer here.