While mason jars can be used for many things, hanging mason jars have always had a special place in our hearts. From vertical mason jar wall planters to storage for cotton balls, this integration is super versatile and really stands out!

mason jar wall garden

To make:

  1. Mark out spaces for the mason jars on your board
  2. Affix your pipe clamps to the board using nails
  3. Secure your mason jars

Slanted vertical herb garden planter – Camille Styles
Mason jar storage – Liz Marie Blog
Mason jar wall planter – Not just a housewife

7 Thoughts on Mason Jar Wall

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  2. That is awesome!

  3. super cute! any suggestions on what types of plants would work well in mason jars? a little concerned that the missing drainage would be unworkable for many plants. suggestions welcome. thanks!

    • Hi Sasha, if you’re worried about the drainage then succulents would work best 🙂

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