We love this mason jar sewing kit with its homemade pincushion top. And with the holidays coming up we’re starting to think about DIY upcycled gifts. Got a sewing buff on your list? Make them a retro mason jar¬†sewing kit!

mason jar sewing kit

This mason jar sewing kit is funky and functional. It’s also surprisingly easy to make. With its built-in pincushion top it’s sure to impress any sewing fan.

To make:

Separate the mason jar sealer and screw top. Trace around the sealer on a piece of cardboard. Cut this circle out and another from a piece of fabric an inch wider in diameter. Stuff the fabric and cardboard with filling. Now secure the cushion into the screw top. To do this turn the screw top upside down and apply hot glue to the inside of the rim. Quickly push the cushion through until the cardboard base is flush against the rim. Little bits of fabric will protrude. Glue these down and glue the mason jar sealer to the cardboard. Now fill your mason jar sewing kit with goodies!

Source: Martha Stewart Crafts

3 Thoughts on Mason Jar Sewing Kit

  1. I love using glass jars for storage! I love the idea of making a pin cushion and basic sewing kit out of a jar, that’s just brilliant!

  2. What a great idea! Love this! I have all these Mason jars (made in America)… sprout some sunflower seeds, or make a cool sewing kit!

  3. I think it would be even better to put the pin cushion on the inside for better portability


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