It was only recently that we even fathomed that you could make a snow globe. Who could even dream that something so festive and sparkly could be made from upcycled glass jars and trinkets? Martha Stewart, that’s who. But we made these bad boys ourselves and we’ll show you how to make your own magical snow globes.

make your own snow globes

How to make a snow globe:

The first step is to assemble all necessary materials. For these snow globes you will need:

  • Clean glass jars
  • Upcycled trickets to display (think those odds and ends ornaments from last year)
  • Cork for platforms
  • Sandpaper
  • Glitter
  • Glycerine (Can be bought at the grocery store or pharmacy)
  • Water resistent glue such as silicone adhesive
  • Water
  • Bristle brushes for trees (optional)

how to make a snow globe

Next prep your trinkets for assembling. In order to make the tiny tree featured we painted a small bristle brush green with nail polish.  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your display and include interesting items such as cake topper ballerinas and pine cones.

how to make a snow globe

Then arrange your trinkets to desirable affect. Be sure to stay within the inside ring of the lid so that you will be able to fit the trinkets within the jar. We recommend using a platform for your items so that they are displayed at a nice height within your snow globe. You can use upcycled cork for the platform as we did here. We also rubbed down the inside of the lids with sandpaper to help the platforms adhere better. Then assemble your snow globes by gluing your trinkets onto the inside of the clean glass jar lid.

Finally pour in the water and glycerine at a 1:1 ratio. Add glitter and stir to mix. Start with a bit of glitter and then add more until you are happy with the mixture. When you are satisfied put your lid on your jar and secure it tightly. Now give your new upcycled snow globe a shake!

how to make snow globes

Inspiration: Martha Stewart

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